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A powerful yet simple app that will help you
play and overview 27 extended and altered jazz chords in all keys
for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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You probably have few or no problems in finding and playing chords without extensions and alterations. But how do you play extended and altered chords? What notes do you need to play F7, #9, b13? Or Bm7,9? Or A7sus13?

In this app you can see and hear the extended and altered chords being played in root position with the names of the chord notes written below. And most of the chords have also smart shortcuts written below.

324 videos

The chords are played in real time on a grand piano and with written note names. No “plastic” keyboard sounds and no written music. Just video, sound, note names and smart shortcuts!

The 342 videos can be streamed over wi-fi or cellular directly to your device, or you can choose to download any video for offline viewing.

Tormod Vinsand

Tormod Vinsand is a jazzpianist and composer and have been teaching jazzpiano at Rhytmic Music Conservatory, The Royal Academy of Music and Copenhagen University in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1988.

Apart from creating the Jazz Chords app, Tormod has published two books “Jazzbecifring på klaver” (2011) and “Jazzbecifring på klaver 2 (2014). And recently published 12 online piano masterclass videos, freely available on this site.