This book is a follow-up on Jazz Chords on Piano (Edition Wilhelm Hansen 2017) and it is definitely an advantage if you have familiarised yourself with the techniques and terms used in Jazz Chords on Piano.

There are many ways in which to play jazz on a piano. In Jazz Chords on Piano I describe some guidelines for how to prepare accompaniment and melody playing, but admittedly, there are of course many other ways to play or other techniques to use.

In Jazz Chords on Piano – 2 I have chosen to focus
on four typical techniques:

Part 1 – Playing Arpeggio in left hand
Part 2 – 4-stacked chords in a piano movement
Part 3 – Left-hand chords
Part 4 – Overlying triads when accompanying

To illustrate the various techniques, I have made compositions that are stylistically adjusted so that the various techniques make musical sense and are playable.

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